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The William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute (FTPI) was established in 1987 as part of the School of Physics and Astronomy, with the goal of conducting research in theoretical physics at a world-class level.

The most important function of FTPI is to produce significant, exciting and sound theoretical physics that will have an impact on physics as a whole. To this end the Institute provides a meeting place for theorists from around the globe to exchange and develop ideas.

FTPI sponsors several workshops annually and runs ongoing programs, such as the visiting short- and long-term scholar program. Through these and other outreach programs, the Institute serves to advance theoretical physics and to further develop its links to other science and engineering research disciplines, industrial research initiatives, and other academic sectors.

We hope you'll explore our website and find out more about us.


"Am I Going To Die This Year? A Mathematical Puzzle" by Robert Krulwich, NPR

For 25-year-olds the chances of dying in the coming year are roughly 1 in 3,000.

National Public Radio blog by Robert Krulwich focuses on research of former FTPI postdoc, Brian Skinner and FTPI Professor, Boris Shklovskii regarding mortality. To read the article, "Am I Going to Die This Year? A Mathematical Puzzle" click HERE.

Alex Kamenev elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society

Professor Alex Kamenev was nominated for Fellowship in the American Physical Society at its November meeting by The Divison of Condensed Matter Physics. His election for fellowship is cited as "For advancing the methods of quantum kinetic theory."

Andrey Chubukov will Join FTPI in September 2014

We are pleased to announce that Professor Andrey Chubukov has accepted the William and Bianca Fine Chair in Theoretical Physics (formerly held by late Professor Anatoly Larkin).  Professor Chubukov earned his PhD in Physics from Moscow State University and has been a Professor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison since 1993. He is expected to join FTPI in September 2014. Professor Chubukov is a leading expert in theoretical condensed matter physics with the emphasis on theory of novel superconductors, high Tc materials and quantum magnetism.  He is an author of more than 200 publications in scientific journals.

Mikahil Shifman awarded the 2013 Pomeranchuk Prize

shifman photo
Professor Mikahil Shifman will receive the 2013 Pomeranchuk Prize, an international award for theoretical physicists given by the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics in Moscow. Shifman was cited "for outstanding results in nonperturbative quantum field theory."

Misel Family Lecture

2014 Misel Lecturer; Andrei Linde, Stanford University, September 16, 2014, McNamara Alumni Center, 7:00pm. Click HERE for more information.

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CMB Polarization - January 14-16, 2015


Continuous Advances in QCD 2015 - 2015


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